The episode, as the title suggests, is about having sex the first time. Virginity is depicted as something that is given or taken, with the individual with power doing the taking. Lea Michelle’s character even says something along the lines of “you’re going to get something that no one else can say they got,” reinforcing the idea that the man takes something that the woman has to give up. Since both these characters are depicted as being virgins, Lea Michelle is also ‘taking his virginity,’ not just the other way around.

The episode also suggests that intimacy is a prerequisite to losing your virginity, in both the heterosexual and homosexual sexual encounters. From our discussions, we know that intimacy is closely tied to ‘the end’ goal of marriage and children. This implies that you must lose your virginity to ‘the one’ that you end up with, which almost always is never the case. The fact that society frames these broken relationships as ‘failures’ shapes its citizens’ belief system as well.

In addition, this episode reminded me of the conversation we had in class about innocence and losing innocence. Virginity in our society is synonymous with innocence, and you are no longer ‘pure’ once you lose it. Yet this ‘purity’ is only applied to women. Would like to interrogate this idea more.

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