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Interns, Mass Climate Action Network (Boston, MA)

MCAN seeks to fill 2 internship positions in the spring of 2017, with both positions being focused on the completion of a successful conference on March 5th at Northeastern University. The conference typically brings in 400-450 attendees and speakers, and is in partnership with the Toxics Action Center.

Job 1 – Business Outreach

The position reports to the Executive Director, will be partly based in the office at 14 Beacon Street and partly able to work remotely, dependent on timing. Applicants should have their own phone that they can make occasional calls on. Having your own laptop with Microsoft Office suite is preferred but not required.


Roles and responsibilities: Recruit silent auction donations, tables, business ads

  • Contact potential gold, silver, and bronze sponsors
  • Contact businesses for silent auction donations
  • Contact clean energy businesses re: business ads in conference program
  • Re-contact all of last year’s tablers
  • occasional data entry and assistance with mailings as necessary.



Work for MCAN 20 hours a week, with flexible hours but in the office at 14 beacon st. one day a week, at a rate of $14 an hour

Work independently (with ED input and assistance) to achieve the deliverables above

Specific hours will be agreed upon mutually

Intern with MCAN for 10 weeks consecutively, starting the week of January 9th.



Job 2 – Conference outreach and organizing

The position reports to the Executive Director, will be partly based in the office at 14 Beacon Street and partly able to work remotely, dependent on timing. Applicants should have their own phone that they can make occasional calls on. Having your own laptop with Microsoft Office suite is preferred but not required.


Roles and responsibilities:  Recruitment of co-sponsors, individuals, lead sponsors

  • Call all chapters, email all chapter leaders
  • Draft and send out all member emails
  • Work with chapter leaders to send out info to their list get folks signed up
  • Call and email lead sponsors, follow up to get out emails and social media
  • Look through drafts of program, etc
  • occasional data entry and assistance with mailings as necessary.


Lead sponsor and co-sponsor recruitment –  make calls and send emails to prior and new potential co-sponsors (chapter, non-profit, and individual) to bring them on board

Recruit attendees –  have focused conversations with members and members to both bring them to the conference and to help them reach out to their networks to bring new people in

connect with chapter leaders and help them draft recruitment emails to their lists


Work for MCAN 20 hours a week, with flexible hours but in the office at 14 beacon st. one day a week, at a rate of $14 an hour

Work independently (with ED input and assistance) to achieve the deliverables above

Specific hours will be agreed upon mutually

Intern with MCAN for 10 weeks consecutively, starting the week of January 9th.

To apply, please email with “spring 2017 internship” in the title and attach your resume.

Intern, GearedforGreen (Boca Raton, FL)

We are looking to add 2 important internship positions at Gearedforgreen. The persons chosen for this position will work directly with the CEO, so no coffee making. You will have a big hand in marketing, business development, research, and connecting our industry to introduce 360 Degrees of Sustainability services. Although this is a non-salary internship, we provide a very solid commission compensation plan, plus there is a strong chance this internship can lead to a full time position once you’ve graduated school.
About Gearedforgreen360 Degrees of Sustainability services and market:
Retail trends overwhelmingly show consumers seek to buy green. That’s less of a debate these days. If given the alternative between relatively equal product, 70% or more consumers  buy “products with purpose” from brands they trust are positive for people and planet. Retailers and distributors are aggressively looking to buy green products too, but not solely for obvious environmental reasons or because consumers shop green products. Retailers also want their supply chain to be successful and they recognize sustainability leads to innovation and more efficient effective supply chains. 
Plastic Product Manufacturers have heard this all before, yet many manufacturers still haven’t fully jumped into the sustainable ocean. Before we condemn manufacturers making plastic products for not wearing there green hats all the time, we have to put ourselves in the hot seats of executives making products and running manufacturing and distribution operations to understand their concerns.  Spending money on sustainability isn’t overly sustainable if it’s costing the company more money and not increasing revenue or ROI. Businesses today are increasingly searching for ways to reduce costs and increase revenue side by side. The challenge executives face is, how to connect (internal operational sustainability) with (external customer-consumer facing sustainability) to obtain bottom line savings, top line added revenue, and increased brand value? After all, businesses are in business to make profit TODAY. 
That is our focus at gearedforGreen. Helping plastic product manufacturers operate sustainably from the inside-out, to make their products more sustainably and then leverage that sustainability in the market. We believe if you aren’t leveraging your sustainability to connect better with customers, consumers, and trading partners, you are missing the next Big Win Opportunity and may very well face the next Big Loss. Having spent years ourselves with our hands on both sides of the sustainability equation, we learned valuable lessons.  
1st, on the manufacturing-operations-plastics recycling side of our businesses operating factories and managing production, we had to put on our operations hat and reach out to vendors throughout our supply chain to find ways to improve product quality, reduce operational costs, and gain efficiencies. We conducted Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), measured our carbon footprint, and identified best practices to make improvements that yielded efficiency & reduced cost and waste. We recycled our plastic waste, used recycled plastic resins more resourcefully to make our products, we optimized our packaging and developed reuse programs for used packaging, we made sure we used sustainable plastic products in our own everyday operations, and we implemented water, lighting, and energy efficiencies into our operations to reduce cost and environmental impact. We even changed out our corporate logo uniforms from 100% cotton to sustainable uniforms made from 100% recycled plastics to show our commitment to sustainability to our employees, and we created an end-of-use recycling program for our customers to help recycle our products after their useful life. We were proud of all these incredible initiatives but in the end, they didn’t seem to move the needle in our business P&L quite enough for us to shout from the ceiling.
2nd, on the product-sales-marketing side of our business selling plastic products at major retail and through distributors, we put on our sales hat to identify opportunities to leverage our sustainability in the market. We hired expert vendors to develop corporate strategy and to package and communicate our sustainability to consumers, retailers and our team, and to differentiate our products and our companies purpose from our competitors.    
Our strategy focusing on 360 degrees of our Sustainability from the inside-out connecting our internal sustainability efforts with external sales marketing efforts together paid dividends and MOVED OUR NEEDLE. Our sales and profitability increased year after year and our products gained significant traction in the market as a valued trusted and sustainable brand. 
Fast forward a couple years after selling our business, we launched Gearedforgreen in 2012 to use our expertise and supply chain resources to help other manufactures along with the supply chains that serve them to all succeed greener. 
Today Gearedforgreen helps plastic product manufacturing clients operate more sustainably providing 360 Degrees of Sustainability solutions from the inside-out, and instead of carrying the work load all ourselves, we partnered with industry leading providers to form Eco-supply chains™ for our clients, all working connected, transparent, and towards our clients goal, to help clients reduce bottom line cost, improve top line revenue, and increase brand value.  We provide a number of services, offered as either full 360 or a la carte
We are looking to add 2 interns, focused on Business Development, Supply Chain Development, and Market Research to identify best practices in helping our clients succeed greener. Although there is no salary for this internship, we do provide a very strong commission compensation plan and there is a very strong possibility this internship will lead to a full time position with Gearedforgreen after you’ve graduated school.

If interested email Dan Schrager:

5 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for the Holidays

5 Eco-Friendly Gifts graphic

The holidays are an exciting and busy time of year, and who doesn’t love getting gifts from family and friends? Every year, we receive all sorts of gifts that we don’t use, and eventually throw away. Instead, this holiday season, think about the planet as you think about what to give your loved ones! There are many ways to make gift giving more sustainable and just as much fun.

Give an experience:

Sustainable, thoughtful, and memorable! Try a new hobby, restaurant, etc. in your area with your loved one, or give them membership to a nearby museum or fitness class. Beyond reducing waste, this gift option will create a new, lasting memory with your family or friends.

Sustainable Products:

If you’re looking to give someone a specific product, make sure to pick a brand that will last. There are many websites that will help you pick items that won’t wear out quickly, like this one.

Buy local:

Support your local economy and reduce your carbon footprint by sticking to local shopping. Plus, you’re more likely to find something unique and special that your family member or friend won’t already have if you buy from one of your local small businesses.


If you’ve got a tight budget this season, DIY gift giving could be for you! This could be any number of things: bug repellent for the outdoorsman, organizational tools for the home or office, and more! Need some inspiration or guidance? Many websites publish guides for DIY projects, like this post, or Pinterest.

Choose your wrapping wisely:

Once you’ve purchased your gifts you aren’t quite done! You can keep your wrapping sustainable by re-using old bags or wrapping paper, wrapping in newspaper, and avoiding products that come packaged in lots of plastic.

Happy Holidays!

Volunteer Internship Program, MassDEP (Massachusetts)

The Department of Environmental Protection is the state agency responsible for ensuring clean air and water, the safe management of toxics and hazards, the recycling of solid and hazardous wastes, the timely cleanup of hazardous waste sites and spills, and the preservation of wetlands and coastal resources. MassDEP is one of the agencies in the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs and its role under Article 97 of the Massachusetts Constitution is to be the guarantor of the people’s right to “clean air and water”, as well as “the natural scenic, historic and aesthetic qualities of the environment.”

MassDEP’s Commissioner, Martin Suuberg, is committed to MassDEP’s Internship Program as it provides a diverse educational and training opportunity for interns who are interested in the environmental field.

Objectives of the MassDEP Internship Program

In an effort to assist MassDEP with its succession planning, we continue to recruit individuals who are interested in working and utilizing their skills in the environmental field. We are providing opportunities to undergraduate students, graduate students, law school students, and other individuals who are seeking experience in the environmental field.

As part of MassDEP’s diversity effort and equal-opportunity policies, we seek to accommodate internships for women and men from different racial, cultural, economic and ethnic backgrounds, regardless of their sexual orientation or disability status.

Internship Program Overview

As part of MassDEP’s talented and professional team, MassDEP interns are provided with education, training, hands-on experience, supervision, and networking opportunities, utilizing modern technology and information systems during their internships.

Current internship positions are unpaid; however, MassDEP provides academic assistance for students who are interested in getting academic credits in their respective schools. We remain hopeful that we will be able to provide paid internships in the future.

Internships are conducted in supervised settings and are available in MassDEP’s various bureaus, departments and regional offices. Depending on the assigned internships, interns might be given opportunities to be involved in statewide conferences, trainings, and/or workshops.

In addition to hands-on experience, the internship program coordinates a comprehensive calendar of events which revolves around brown-bag lunches and may include field trips and recreational activities. During the internship program, interns are connected through an Internal MassDEP Intern Facebook Group where they can communicate, share their experiences, and obtain information about upcoming events. Interns conclude their internships by sharing their experiences at MassDEP through presentations.

Contact Information

Thank you for your interest in MassDEP’s Internship program. If you have any questions about the program, please contact:

Apply to Participate in the MassDEP Internship Program

The application deadline is November 25, 2017.  Interviews will begin shortly thereafter.

To Apply:

List of current MassDEP Internships   pdf format of List of current MassDEP Internships
 doc format of                             List of current MassDEP Internships
If you apply for a specific position, please follow both a) the instructions below and b) any other instructions provided in the specific internship description.

MassDEP Internship Application doc format of MassDEP Internship Application
 pdf format of                             MassDEP Internship Application

A completed Internship Application Form along with a copy of your resume and cover letter;
Send via email to:

Community Outreach Coordinator, Garbage to Garden (Boston)

Garbage to Garden, founded in Portland, ME in 2012, provides residential and commercial curbside composting service and zero-waste event services throughout the greater Boston area and Southern Maine.

As the nations most subscribed to curbside composting service, we have been recognized nationally for our efforts in reducing food waste and private companies and municipalities from across the US reach out to us weekly to learn from what we are doing.

Our service is simple, participants receive a 6-gallon bucket to fill with compostable materials. They place the bucket on the curb each week on trash day, and we collect it and swap it out with a clean bucket and, if requested, a bag of finished soil.

Check us out on our website, FaceBook, and Instagram to learn more about our services and the community we have created.

In August 2016, Garbage to Garden opened a satellite operation in Massachusetts. We are hiring a community outreach coordinator to help build the movement in the greater Boston area.

This individual will report directly to the Community Outreach Director and will be responsible for identifying promotional opportunities, implementing local door-to-door and tabling promotional efforts, and establishing relationships with retail partners and volunteer organizations.

For the right candidate there will be opportunities for additional work and responsibilities as the operation grows.

Please contact Phoebe, to learn more.

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