An Homage to R3 Animal

By Zoe Barnes

Yesterday, April 1, was my last day working at R3 Animal. Yesterday, it hit me that this is the end. I’d be lying to say there weren’t numerous times throughout the past seven months I thought about the month of April, the month I’d be going home. Moreover, I’d be lying to say there weren’t times I longed for April to come faster. Now that it’s suddenly here, I’m shocked by my unreadiness and not wanting to leave this place where I now feel genuinely at home.

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Things Draw to a Close

by Gabriel YerdongabeMy seventh month in Brazil is drawing to a close. When I look back to our orientation at Tufts and arriving in Brazil to meet the other Global Citizen Year fellows, it seems like a lifetime ago. I am having trouble grasping the fact that in two short weeks I will be leaving my host family. I will walk out of the gate and look back at my Brazilian family and my quaint little house, probably never to see either of them again.

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My Younger Sister

By Aberdeen Bird

Growing up in a family of six, with three siblings, I thought I was accustomed to being a sister.  What I couldn’t have known was that Brazil would bring me a younger sister.  I knew it was a possibility but I hadn’t contemplated it that much.  Biologically I have an older sister, an older brother, and a younger brother.  Now, experientially and host-family wise I have a younger sister.

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