Ed Tech Vignette: Seminar In Architecture

Instructor: Daniel Abramson

Department: Art and Art History – A&S

Course: Seminar In Architecture

Technology Used: WordPress (sites.tufts.edu)

Site: https://sites.tufts.edu/govcenter/

How ETS supported this: Working with the instructor ETS designed the shared WordPress site and provided students with a FAQ on how to add and edit the content.

Tags: WordPress, Art History, Art

What were the learning goals for the project?


To have the students understand better the history and design of Government Center, and to get experience turning their research into a webpage.

In what way did using the WordPress site support those goals?

Using WordPress was absolutely essential for having the students learn to translate their academic work into an internet media.

WordPress was simple and easy to use.  The students were both able to do basic inputting and formatting, and use their creativity.

Next Steps/Refinements

I don’t plan on teaching this course again.  But I would use this technology again for another course.

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